LogMeIn ending Support for Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 – 30th May 2016

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, we want to let you know about two of the products we use to support our clients and in some cases which our clients may also use themselves;

LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Central

Following the lead of Microsoft, who ended support for Windows XP in April 2014 and for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015.

LogMeIn will be ending their support for their desktop client and host software installed on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 computers as of 30th May 2016.

Any computers still using these operating systems will continue to be online through to 30th May; at which point Stanridge cannot guarantee Read more

How to install LogMeIn client

LogMeIn Client desktop app for Windows (formerly LogMeIn Ignition)

File size: 7.0 Mbytes

Click here to download:
https://secure.logmein.com/LogMeInIgnition.msi (file size: 7.0 Mb)

Relates to the following products: LogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro; LogMeIn Free