BIG SCAMS – Be Suspicious

Published by the UK Metropolitan Police Service in conjunction with FALCON (Fraud and Linked crime online) and supported by UK Banks, The Little Book of Big Scams (Third Edition) offers 52 pages of advice on the following;

The Little Book of Big Scams

After an introduction by Esther Rantzen, The Little Book of Big Scams goes onto give 52 pages crammed full of useful advice on the following;

  1. 10 Golden Rules
  2. Banks Joint Declaration
  3. Identity Fraud
  4. Courier Fraud
  5. Holiday Fraud
  6. Mass Marketing Fraud – Scam Mail
  7. Investment Scams
  8. Door-to-Door Scam
  9. Dating and Romance Scams
  10. Banking and Payment Card Scams
  11. Mobile Phone Scams
  12. Ticketing Scams
  13. Online Shopping and Auction Fraud
  14. Internet Scams
  15. Frequent Scamming Tools
  16. Fraud is Not a Victimless Crime
  17. Handy Hints to Protect yourself
  18. What to do if you get scammed – contacts and reporting advice